Youth IGF Past Fellows

Youth IGF Past Fellows

IGF has always been the center of attraction amongst all the Internet Governance enthusiasts. We published a call on the blog asking the past fellows to share a photo of themselves as a Youth Fellow/Ambassador, add a short note (250 words max.) of how the program benefited them.

The initiative turned out to be a great hit, we received more than 500 submissions.

1) Viviane Vinagre

Viviane Vinagre - IGF Youth Ambassador
Viviane Vinagre - IGF Youth Ambassador

Looking back to these pictures in the middle of a virtual meeting and during a pandemic, it feels almost like a distant reality.

Our concerns were all focused on internet governance issues and how to deal with the problems that were emerging back then! We discussed data protection, DNS abuse, youth participation, fake news, platform regulation, artificial intelligence, future of work, internet policy development processes, and so many other things.

All the programs that I’ve participated always made me learn a lot, not only about how the internet impacted people but principally how people impacted and shaped the internet and you guys… You are true leaders, you did inspire me, you made your voices heard, and I’m proud of being one of you during the last ISOC IGF Youth Ambassadors Program.

I miss each of you (another IG friends included) and now with the news that IGF this year will be held virtually… I do hope to see you next year in Poland or maybe in an ICANN Meeting.

For those willing to join this mad and fantastic world of Internet Governance and be part of this beautiful story, the Internet Society just opened the subscriptions to the IGF Youth Ambassadors Program! Go and check out!

2) Lisa Nyamadzawo

Lisa Nyamadzawo-Youth IGF Fellow
Lisa Nyamadzawo-Youth IGF Fellow

My name is Lisa Nyamadzawo and I’m from Zimbabwe. I am a 2018 @internetsociety Youth IGF Fellow. For me the IGF experience opened my eyes and increased my knowledge to what the Internet meant to various people globally and how we could all work together to make it safe, accessible and open to all stakeholders. Also, I managed to create long lasting relationships, friendships and networks that have been very instrumental in shaping my career and professional development. I encourage you to apply: it’s a life changing experience! @youthobservatory.

3) Hewing Dorvelus

Hewing Dorvelus-Youth IGF Ambassador

The Internet Society IGF Youth Ambassador program was a life-changing experience for me. That program benefited me in so many ways!!
ISOC gave me a strong platform where I can engage with brilliant minds from all over the world, be part of the discussions about the most common issues related to Internet Governance, use my voice for the voiceless, and be part of the #change !!

Not only that, but it also allowed me to connect with new partners and open the door for new opportunities and more commitments.

I am so proud to be part of such a diverse and strong community, and I would like you to join us!

I invite all who want to apply to do so by clicking on this link (deadline: June 28, 2020) : IGF Youth Ambassador

If you have any questions, please contact me. I will be happy to help.

4) Innocent Adriko

 Innocent Adriko-IGF 2019 Youth Ambassadors Program
 Innocent Adriko-IGF 2019 Youth Ambassadors Program

The Internet Society IGF 2019 Youth Ambassadors Program was a capacity booster for me in the Internet Governance space. It constituted diverse learning and mentorship which gave me unmeasurable knowledge and experience.

This program gave me an opportunity to meet and train with exceptional young people from all corners of the globe, with whom we shared ideologies on Internet Governance areas.

It exposed me to amazing mentors that saw me progress and engage more at the Internet Governance Forum in Berlin.

The program further exposed me to a broader and diverse Internet community, hence the opportunity to appreciate the multi-stakeholder model.

Indeed shaping the present and future of the Internet requires nurturing the next generation leaders of the Internet, and this program has my highest recommendation to serve that purpose.

I therefore encourage all young people that are passionate about Internet Governance and the evolution of the Internet to look no further, but apply for this Program 2020 through the link : IGF Youth Ambassador

5) Nicolás Fiumarelli

Nicolás Fiumarelli-IGF 2019 Youth Ambassador

The Youth Ambassadors program is a very interesting fellowship program which I was pleased to be a part of last year in Berlin. The fellowship helped me a lot to engage with the Internet Governance community. I am very proud not only for having left my grain of sand but for the tremendous experience it is to participate in such an unprecedented event like the IGF.

Some of the topics we work on: Cryptography and Privacy, Youth participation, Artificial intelligence, Future of work, and Internet Governance Models for the Future.

I strongly recommend this program, it is something one can do once in a lifetime and it worth it! You get goosebumps when listening to the voices of so many people from different parts of the world, coaling their opinions in an orderly and precise way.

I also had the opportunity to hold conversations side by side with great leaders who inspired me, meet again with colleagues from all over the world and all this makes one feel very responsible to carry the voice of young people to shape the future of the internet. Thanks ISOC for the opportunity.

Don’t miss the open call for the next one, you can be one of the 2020 Fellows and shape the future of Internet Governance together!

6) Mohammad Atif Aleem

Mohammad Atif Aleem-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

The IGF Youth Ambassadors Program has been extremely important for me as it helped me to learn a great deal about Internet Governance and shape my mindset as a technologist. Consider applying for the 2020.

7) Udeep Baral

Udeep Baral-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
Udeep Baral-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
Udeep Baral-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
Udeep Baral-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

Being an @InternetSociety IGF Youth Ambassador 2019, a great opportunity to learn and share Internet governance ideas with other young people around the world. I encourage to apply for this year’s fellowship.

@YouthObs @ISOC_Community

8) Norman Angel

Norman Angel-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

@ISOC_NextGen Fellowship was my most life changing moment. I had major paradigm shift about my vision for the Internet as a global public resource; one that is open, accessible, safe, decentralized and Independent empowering young people to shape the future of internet.

 This deepened my understanding of multistakeholderism principle of internet governance requiring a joint management of Internet resources by governments, business & civil society in their respective roles and governance or decision-making involving a range of stakeholders.

This gave me opportunities to network with other young leaders as a fellow through @digigrassroots@DigiSafety @MozOpenLeaders @afrigeocon @YALIRLCEA #afrinic31 @YouthObs committing myself to fighting censorship, digital rights & inclusion etc as an internet Health leader.

I believe as young people, we have the duty and capacity to shape & build the future of internet. I invite you to apply for Youth Ambassador program Deadline: 28 June, 2020.

9) Roland Occelent

Roland Occelent-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

Being an ambassador of  @ISOC_NextGen was 1 of the best opportunities of my life. It allowed me 2 understand that there is indeed a problem to solve so that the Internet is open, secure and accessible to all. B the next generation. @YouthObs

10) Aubin Zoh

Aubin Zoh-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

Being selected as an fellow of  @internetsociety Youth@IGF Program allowed me to deepen my knowledge of Internet governance. Since then, I have decided to commit myself to digital rights and inclusion in the world and mainly in Africa. #ISOCYouthPastFellows #IGF2020

I benefited from several opportunities like @rpAccra 2018 as social media ambassador, @digigrassroots Ambassador and trainer, digital Right and inclusion forum 2019, Digital rights West africa workshop Dakar 2019 (@ParadigmHQ) and more. #civ225 #ISOCYouthPastFellows

In addition, I volunteered to support digital communication for Africa Youth Igf and West Africa Youth Igf. At the local level as a member of the Internet Society and vice-president of Youth IGF Côte d’Ivoire #civ225 #ISOCYouthPastFellows

I am convinced that as a young, we have the duty and the capacity to contribute to the internet governance. So I invite you to apply.

Deadline: 28th June 2020. Good luck #ISOCYouthPastFellows #YouthInIG #IGF2020

@youthfgici @YouthObs

11) Elliot Mann

Elliot Mann-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
Elliot Mann-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

Applications for the @internetsociety IGF Youth Ambassador program is now open! Attending the IGF is a whirlwind experience in policy, networking, capacity building, and international engagement. @YouthObs

I had a fantastic experience in being able to engage with govt, tech, civil society, and anyone else they let into the event. One of my fav things about internet governance events is the geographic diversity on display – and the IGF didn’t disappoint.

That’s why I’m not worried about the IGF being virtual this year – if anything it’ll be more diverse, and that’s exactly what the event needs! So don’t be shy, and apply!

12) Eileen Cejas

Eileen Cejas-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

I had a wonderful experience at the IGF Youth Ambassadors Program 2019, learnt a lot from the course and connected with a great community of young leaders around the world. Apply now for the 2020 edition.

Deadline is June 28. @YouthObs

13) Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

The IGF youth ambassadors program is an excellent way for people to involve themselves in the internet governance ecosystem. Applications open for the 2020 session. Apply by June 28 and interact with the biggest names in IG. @YouthObs@ISOC_Community

14) Pedro Lana

Pedro Lana-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

A few years ago at around this time of the year, I was submitting to a program that took me to one of the most outstanding journeys of my life

Apply to this year edition @YouthObs #YouthAmbassadors2019

15) Safeeyah

Safeeyah-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

More than an eye-opener, being an  @internetsociety Youth Fellow paved the way for me to identify and understand my roles as a stakeholder/actor in the internet ecosystem. This further created other networking opportunities that yielded positive results in my personal development.

16) Lily Edinam Botsyoe

Lily Edinam Botsyoe-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

Being selected as an @internetsociety Youth Fellow was not only a good starting point to understand Internet Governance issues, and how to contribute to the ecosystem.

The support, network and opportunities post-fellowship has placed me on a career path that I’m now so passionate about. 2/4 #ISOCPastYouthFellow #YouthinIG

I recommend the program for any young person already engaged or looking to engage in discussions that shape the internet. You should also be willing to continue impacting your community.

I nominate @LisaNyamadzawo @ZohAubin @MaryHelda @ankrah960 @g_ihita @novaesiana

@bologger @OrionChib @gabkarsan @hadassahlouis @Fafa416 @Noha0182

@EileenCejas @aarushimehta9 @PanRashida @BobbSaffie to share their experiences. #ISOCPastYouthFellow

17) Paola Gálvez

 Paola Gálvez-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
 Paola Gálvez-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

Ser un @internetsociety #YouthAmbassador es una fascinante oportunidad para expresar tu opinión sobre gobernanza de #Internet, tener mentores, conocer a los pioneros de Internet y gente maravillosa. No lo dudes y aplica hasta el 28 de junio #YouthinIG

Translation: Being an @internetsociety #YouthAmbassador is an amazing opportunity to share our views on #Internet governance, get mentorship, meet with Internet pioneers, and build #networking. You can be the next generation of internet leaders!! #YouthinIG

18) Juliana Novaes

Juliana Novaes-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

19) El-Hoïma Kedassa BARTHÉLUS 

El-Hoïma Kedassa BARTHÉLUS-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
El-Hoïma Kedassa BARTHÉLUS-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
El-Hoïma Kedassa BARTHÉLUS-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
El-Hoïma Kedassa BARTHÉLUS-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

IGF was not only dedicated to capacity building but also provided an opportunity for participants to share the knowledge they have acquired and exchange the best practices they have established #ISOCYouthPastFellows

20) Shadrach Ankrah

Shadrach Ankrah-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

The 2018 Youth@IGF program has helped me appreciate the multistakeholder, bottom-up process to Internet Governance. I have learnt a lot from the @internetsociety “Sharping The Internet course” and I’ve networked with young professionals around the world. #ISOCPastYouthFellow

21) Ihita Gangavarapu

Ihita-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
Ihita-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
Ihita-IGF Youth Ambassadors Program

As the Internet Society Youth@IGF fellow, I was exposed to the prominent IG issues as well as getting the opportunity to attend the United Nations Internet Governance Forum(UN IGF)meeting at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Through the program, I met young leaders working towards creating a secure, open, & free internet. At IGF, was part of the discussions on data governance, procurement challenges of emerging tech, cybersecurity & networked with domain experts for better insight on tech policy!

The application for the ISOC Youth Ambassador program is now open. If you would like to contribute to shaping the internet for good, I strongly recommend you to apply for the fellowship.

@YouthObs @ISOC_Community #YouthinIG

22) Elnur Karimov

23) Noha Ashraf

I was priviledged to be selected in both old versions of @internetsociety Youth IGF Ambassadors program (2017 Youth @IGF fellowship & 2018 IGF Ambassadors) These opportunities shaped my choices, my career goals and the person who I am now @ISOC_NextGen#ISOCYouthPastFellow

In 2017, it was my very first time in international conferences, I gained a huge confidence speaking in public while learning and participating in dialogues about internet issues. I made a lot of new connections and dear friends 2017 IGF is where @digigrassroots was born too.

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