Wikicontest Youth in IG – Winners and results

After the evaluation by our judges, we are glad to announce:

(i) The winners of the English track/language:

  1. DaSupremo – U$80,00 gift card
  2. NanaYawBotar – U$50,00 gift card
  3. TemiTaiwo – U$30,00 gift card

(ii) The winners of the Portuguese track/language:

  1. Gotsoua – U$100,00 gift card
  2. Elizmarinab – U$70,00 gift card

DaSupremo was a strong contender for first place overall. Still, by majority vote, Gotsoua ended up winning the overall prize, taking into consideration mainly the balanced contributions in both Wikipedia and Wikidata, focusing all his efforts on content directly related to Internet Governance and Youth, while also being a new member of the Wiki community, learning as he was going.

Sadly, most participants were not able to fill all eliminatory criteria. Nevertheless, since a few participants made meaningful contributions without filling all necessary criteria, we decided to provide a “consolation prize” of 10,00 USD. These participants are:

-Madamebiblio (ES)
-Yamila Maribel (ES)
-Parzeus (PT)

Unfortunately, we also had no relevant francophone participation at all.

All three EN winners had very relevant participation in the Wikicontest. NanaYawBotar in Wikidata, with a fantastic job with Internet Society chapters in Africa, and TemiTaiwo, who started with some mistakes but later made some outstanding contributions on Wikipedia. So, we decided to also add U$10,00 (value of the “consolation prize”) to their prizes.

Please, confirm that you have accepted the prize by messaging us at confirming your identity, with the preferred kind of gift card you would like to receive (we can work only with the most used ones, such as Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.)

Please also feel free to message us if you have any doubts.

We hope you will continue your engagement with the Wiki community and keep an eye out for new events!

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