Social Event Sub-committee

Wataru Alt Ohgai


Graduate student at the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University. With proficiency in DNS and email security, he is the Chair of the Email WG at WIDE Project.

He is also involved in Internet governance as a Program Committee member for ISOC-JP. As a member of the WIDE Project, He contributes to the Team of WIDE Internet Operators and ccTLD/ccSLD Operation Subteam. He completed his Bachelor’s degree at Keio University’s Faculty of Policy Management in 2022 and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree.



Lawyer and, currently, a Ph.D. candidate in Law&Economics with a research focus on AI and antitrust. She has gained a solid experience in policy, advocacy and lobbying by recently working at the European Commission.

Veronica has been active in the IG ecosystem at the global level since 2020 when she started her journey as an ISOC IGF Youth Ambassador and then continued as a NextGen@ICANN71 and YOUthDIG participant in 2021. She participated in three global IGFs as moderator, speaker and rapporteur and, in Europe, has been active as a member of the 2022 YOUthDIG organizing committee at the EuroDIG, the Youth IGF Italy and the youth movement of ISOC Italy Chapter.

She served as Vice-president for research at the #DearGovernment, a Youth-led informal 9body which advocates for an open, trusted and non-manipulable Internet by addressing the impropriety of Governments’ regulatory power on Internet issues. Currently, she serves as Chair of the Internet Society Youth Standing Group (Youth SG), the special interest group for young people of the Internet Society which counts more than 1800 members globally, representing the organization, shaping its strategy and coordinating all subcommittees.

She believes in the Internet as a common good and the power of the multistakeholder community in shaping its expansion.

Veronica Piccolo



Isoc Italy

Takumi Ishihara


Graduate student at the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University. He majored in Mobile Networks and Intelligent Transportation Systems. As a member of WIDE project, he will contribute to network operation and Email WG activities. He completed his Bachelor’s degree at Keio University’s Faculty of Policy Management in 2023 and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree.


Feminist, human rights activist, dog rescuer, facilitator and manager of social projects and student of Software Engineering at the National Technical University in Costa Rica.

Associated with the Sulá Batsú Cooperative where she serves as Project Manager and Facilitator since 2017 both nationally and regionally, she has experience working with indigenous communities, rural, marginal and marginal urban areas; this, through Information and Communication Technologies. In addition, she has experience in research and in the use and appropriation of Digital Technologies as social tools. In recent years she has focused on issues of creation, collection and analysis of data from the perspectives of women, cybersecurity, gender approach, Community Networks (Telecommunications) and human rights.

During her professional career she has been able to work in government entities, private companies and non-profit organizations, where she has had the opportunity to work with diverse populations such as girls, young and adult women, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, with a focus on gender, equity and human rights.

She is currently dedicated to international volunteering for Youth SG, YouthLAC, Gender SG and Costa Rica Chapter, all of ISOC; in addition, she is a volunteer in the WordPress San José Community and facilitator of workshops on the use and appropriation of technologies for older adults in communities. 

Karen Cruz

Costa Rica


João Moreno


He works as a pentester (cybersecurity specialist focused on invading systems), while pursuing his bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He entered in the IG ecosystem in 2017 and never stopped participating, by mentoring ISOC IGF Youth Ambassadors in 2020 and 2021, facilitating in the ITU Generation Connect Americas, attending 5 IGFs and helping to develop the web structure for 2 Youth LACIGFs.

Beside this, he’s also the vice-chair of the Youth Standing Group from Internet Society.



Saba Beyene is a young advocate for digital transformation with a background in Electronic Communication Engineering. Her professional background goes from web development to IT management working in both non-governmental and private organizations. As a Generation Connect Youth Envoy at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), she is passionate about promoting digital transformation and Internet governance by sharing her perspectives and she has represented youth at various international conferences, including ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (2022) in Romania, the Generation Connect Global Youth Summit in Rwanda prior to the World Telecommunication Development Conference 2022 (WTDC-22), and the Global IGF 2022 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and has served as a panelist, moderator and technical volunteer. Saba is a 2022 IGF global youth ambassador for the Internet Society, promoting internet governance to young people through mentoring and coordinating youth initiatives. She is also a co-founder and steering committee member of Youth IGF Ethiopia.

Currently, Saba works as a Junior Project Intern at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Regional Office for Africa. Additionally, she coordinates the ITU Generation Connect Africa Youth Group, which aims to empower young people to take an active role in shaping the future of ICTs in Africa. With her background in engineering and through her work, she provides a unique perspective on the transformative power of technology and aspires to drive Internet governance, digital inclusion, bridge the digital divide, and leverage technology to achieve sustainable development in Ethiopia and beyond.

Saba Tiku Beyene



Robinson Tabe


Graduate from the Brussels School of Governance where he got a Postgraduate degree in Diplomacy and Global Governance. Robinson entered the internet ecosystem in 2021 being approached by the Youth IGF Cameroon team to chair the public relations department . He then joined Internet Society Cameroon and went on to be part of the nomination committee for the 2022 elections and is presently part of the rejuvenation oversight group for ISOC Cameroon chapter. Robinson participated in the Global IGF 2022 Ethiopia as a UNECA Conference Volunteer .

Robinson now serves as the National focal point for SENDiWSA, Head of Public Relations for Youth IGF Cameroon, Project Manager at Digital Rights Access Association and a Youth Activities Coordinator at Protege QV.



Computer Science graduate from the University of Dar es Salaam who currently works as a Facilitator Lead at Youth for Children Innovation Hub, under UNICEF Tanzania. With a deep passion for the field of Internet Governance, she is also actively involved in coordinating youth activities for the Tanzania Youth IGF, which is dedicated to fostering a new generation of Tanzanian digital pioneers who will shape the future of their country.

Through her work, Millenium is committed to empowering young Tanzanians to become leaders in the digital world and to driving positive change in their communities.Additionally, Millenium is a program coordinator for the smartGirlz in ICT program, working to bridge the significant gender gap in the ICT workforce in Tanzania, where women make up only a small fraction of the workforce.

Millenium Anthony



João Martins


Data scientist at Jumia Group with a Master’s in Informatics Engineering from the University of Coimbra, specialising in Intelligent Systems. He has an active role in online safety, digital literacy discussions and best practices, being a Better Internet for Kids Youth Ambassador since 2012. 

João collaborates at the national and international levels to roll out initiatives and resources that contribute to a better internet. He is an active member of several youth groups in the Internet Governance field, coordinating EURid Youth Committee and Youth Coallition on Internet Governance, and participates in youth programs of ISOC, CoE, ICANN, and ITU.