Open Book event: Upcoming event + Open Calls

The Youth SIG, in collaboration with YCIG and Youth4IG, will host an online encounter: The Open Book event. The Open Book event is an informal conference where young experts in Internet Governance (so-called ‘Open Books) will discuss with attendees on experiences and points on view related to the 6 topics:

Data: We will talk about the best approaches to ensure the development of human-centric data governance frameworks at national, regional, and international levels

Trust: Relates to the security, stability, and resilience of the infrastructure, systems, and devices, and also to the need for people to be safe and secure. These are both vital elements for enabling a healthy and empowering digital environment, beneficial to all.

Inclusion: is about ensuring those with limited or no access to the Internet, such as the unserved and underserved communities, as well as those for which the internet is not accessible due to gender, disability, digital literacy, affordability, or for any other reason, are now included and have equal opportunity to be meaningfully connected to the internet.

Environment: Entails on one hand to understand the interdependences between the use of the Internet and digital technologies to preserve the environment, but also to threaten its sustainability. It will consider how the positive impacts of ICTs for climate action can be enhanced while minimizing any negative impact.

-Community Networks: As part of one of the Internet Society Projects for 2020, youth consider relevant Creating Networks for one of the topics under discussion at the Open Book. Why? Closing the digital divide is critical and community networks offer a solution. These are “do it yourself” networks built by people for people.

Encryption: Encryption is not only another Internet Society Project, but also a great topic of interest among the Youth SIG community, You wonder, why it is important Encryption? In a few words, is key to secure online communications for everything, from financial transactions to healthcare. It is a foundational component upon which a trustworthy Internet is built.

Why these topics?

We chose these topics taking into account the 4 thematic areas of the IGF2020 and two Internet Society’s Projects: Community Networks and Encryption. Youth is highly involved in these topics, not only for their work or volunteer experiences but also on a personal level.

Why an Open Book?

The concept of Open Book is a refreshment in the middle of too many webinars and conferences: we are addressing the important issues for this year in Internet Governance in an informal manner, following the format of ‘Birds of Feather’ and pushing into coffee conversation among peers: a speaker (‘Open Book’) talking to people about a topic closer to them. It is the first international event organized by youth in two rounds, having a top-notch selection of 12 speakers in order to include participants from around the world. It will have 2 rounds:

First round: 9 am UTC to 12pm UTC

Second round: 13pm to 15pm UTC

How can I participate?

You have two ways: first, there are two open calls:

a. To apply as speaker (Open Book)

b. Volunteer for the moderator or rapporteur role. We would need several people for the tasks and at the two rounds. Apply here!

The registration will open in the upcoming days, please stay tuned here:

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