We believe – “Internet is for everyone”

The Youth Observatory engages its members through various avenues and partnership with organizations in the internet ecosystem

Online advocacy

By delivering online campaigns promoting open internet policies and inclusion of young people, the Youth SIG provides young people with a viable platform for discussion.

Capacity Building

We empower organizations and individual members to obtain the skills, knowledge, tools and resources needed to contribute effectively to internet governance and policy in their region and globally.

Internet Policy

We promote policy dialogue among youths on issues of Internet governance bringing together all stakeholders in the Internet governance debate on an equal basis and through an open and inclusive process.


Our research work is aimed at understanding the mechanisms of effective internet governance, while meaningfully contributing to the future and evolution of the Internet governance.

Youth IGF Past Fellows

Our Global Projects

The Youth Observatory projects cover a wide range of activities engaged in by its members in various countries across the globe.

IGF 2023 Social Event

We are delighted to organize one of the biggest social events for young people during the IGF 2023 Kyoto, where we expect to have 100+ young people from all over the world coming together to enjoy an evening of networking, knowledge, cultural exchange and fun.

Creating Networks

The Creating Networks project is an initiative funded by ISOC's Beyond the Net - Medium/Large Grants program. Its objective is to map the current initiatives and organizations that involve young people and information and communication technologies around the world.

Youth Atlas

On the occasion of the IGF 2019 Berlin, we are happy to announce the launching of our Youth Atlas, a book that tells some of the stories of the young people involved in Internet Governance today.

Youth IGFs

The Youth Observatory is a proud supporter of Youth Internet Governance initiatives in multiple countries around the world. Regionally, the SIG supports yearly the Youth LAC IGF, West Africa Youth IGF and the Africa Youth IGF .

Youth IG Newsletter

(Coming up in 2021) The Youth in IG Newsletter is meant to be the first place people will look for news and opportunities (fellowships, job opportunities, scholarships) related to Internet Governance and focused on young people.

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Diversity and inclusion in global membership

0 Global Membership

Total membership of over a thousand young professionals involved in Internet governance from across the globe.

0 Projects Done

Multiple projects are proposed yearly by members in addition to the official Youth Observatory projects.

0 Events

The Youth Observatory has represented youth voices in numerous Internet event since 2015.

Our Mission

Using the power of the Internet to build capacity in young people and to stimulate their participation in ecosystem development and Internet governance.

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Our History

The Youth Observatory was an idea borne in the context of the Youth@IGF 2015, a program led by Internet Society and CGI.br initiative that tried to increase the participation of youth in the areas of discussion of Internet governance in Latin America and the Caribbean and was attended by 120 young people from the region.

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Our People

Currently, the Youth SIG has more than 1400 members from different countries with members and very active in the various working groups. The organization has a solid leadership structure and rules and regulations that enable its continued growth.

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